Rider Information

 Here's some information to help enhance your ride:

 2018 Links to the 3 routes:

Maps and Cue Sheets Will Be Provided At Registration

25 Mile Route - 

Half Century Route - 

Metric Century Route - 

 First, the mandatory stuff!

1.  All riders must check-in at registration table before starting their ride.
2.  All riders must wear helmets
3.  All riders must agree to and sign all applicable waivers. Adults must sign for and ride with any minors.
4.  Maryland Law dictates that all bicycle riders must follow all laws applicable to motor vehicles when using public roads, this includes staying in your lane, and adhering to road signage such as crossing lights and stop signs. Cyclists must also ride in the direction of prevailing traffic and clearly signal intent to stop and/or turn.
5.  Only registered riders will be served at rest stops and lunch.
6.  Registration opens at  8 AM - start whenever you want.
7.  Lunch is 11 AM - 2 PM.  Rest stops and SAG close at 4 PM.
8. Ride is rain or shine!

 General Information
The weather in early spring can be highly variable so we suggest you come prepared for colder temperatures and perhaps even rain - remember, you can always take off layers, but you can't put them on if you don't have them!

Easton, and its neighboring towns of Oxford and St. Michaels have many wonderful places to eat where visitors can get a taste of the Eastern Shore with some Cream of Crab Soup and other dishes featuring the region's excellent seafood. 

Rider's Checklist - Check your bike to assure it is in proper & safe working order:

1) Check the inflation of your tires, inflate as needed,
2) Assure your brakes are working and the pads are not worn down,
3) Check to make sure your seat post is secured and any add-ons such as lights, saddle or handlebar bags etc. are firmly attached to your bicycle,
4) Make sure to carry a cell phone (enter our SAG telephone number into your contacts) so you can communicate with our SAG Wagons should you encounter any serious issues out on the road.
5) Always carry a spare tire tube, a means to inflate the tube and any tools needed to change your tire's inner-tube should you experience a flat out on road.

Note: We will have trained service professionals at the starting point should you have a mechanical issue you are not able to handle. 

Follow the route map for your chosen course closely. We will provide route signage along the course to assist you. If you are in doubt, ask fellow riders. If you think you are lost, call SAG and we'll come and help put you right.

Do not attempt to ride beyond your capabilities - remember, this is not a race, this is supposed to be fun! No one is timing you, so ride at the pace that you are comfortable with and enjoy the landscape and your fellow riders.

And remember to say "Good Morning!" - just because it's nice!
If other riders are following you, it is polite to point out obstructions like potholes or loose gravel by pointing at it so that you draw people's attention to the problem.

 Most Important:                 Have Fun!