2017 Rider Comments:

Nice ride. Pretty scenery. Lots of cows.

My new favorite Eastern Shore ride!

Loved the ride. Great staff & considerate drivers on the roads.

Love the crab soup. Reduce the wind!

Beautiful ride, great snacks and food. 

The volunteers were very friendly and helpful. The ride was well organized. 

More rest stops on 25 mile route would be good. Very nice ride

Yummy cookies

Wonderful people. Great time.

I wish there were an option for something in-between 25 and 50 even if it combined parts of other routes.

Great route. Don't ever change it!!! :-)

Great route - clearly marked, not a lot of traffic, good road surface

Great job marking the route.

We've done this route for 3 years and LOVE it. Please don't ever change this route.

Loved the scenery and flat roads.

Enjoyed the low traffic roads - like the quality of pavement too...aka not a lot of potholes to contend with. 

Good snack options and courteous volunteers!

Snickerdoodles with peanut butter might be my new favorite thing ever.

Friendly volunteers braved the cold weather!

The one rest stop was great - well staffed and lots of good food and drink selections. However, it would have been nice to see at least one more stop along the 25 mile route.

The volunteers made you feel good about riding.

Best cookie assortment ever. Only area for improvement: better bagels, vs. those mini sorta bagels.

Like the fruit

Missed the horse cookies

This is the second time I have done this ride and it looks like it is going to be a windy/cold event every year. 

Registration was fine. Crab soup was great.

Nice people, just makes it that much more enjoyable

Volunteers are the BEST and they make the ride better

Friendliest people ever and they did a great job at start/finish and all rest stops.

All the TSR volunteers were super friendly. Loved the high covered and visibility of the SAG vehicles.

Will be back next year! 

You can't control the wind, but everything else made the day very enjoyable.

The soup was warm and delicious. 

Great Staff and Route. A super Day all around

If you could better control the weather, it would be perfect! Thank you for a nice scenic ride.

Everything was fantastic, I wish all rides did such a good job as you did - my new favorite Eastern Shore ride!

Love the goodies in the giveaway bags - the custom M & Ms were a great choice. Never seen anything like it. These candies made me smile. I don't know that I can eat them - they look too cute. 

This ride is a class act! Great route with little traffic and amazing scenery. Wonderful volunteers, and the sag vehicle wrist bands are a brilliant idea!

Thank you for another great ride and a special shout out to all of the volunteers who braved the cold and the wind.

We had a great time - and a huge shout out to the COOKIES. I might do the ride again next year just for the snickerdoodles. The blueberry coffee cake type thing was also pretty amazing. Great volunteers and a fun ride!

Well worth the ride down from Frederick, MD. The Metric Century course was everything I had hoped... the scenery was awesome. Thank you to all the volunteers! Will definitely be back

​Our 9 person contingent from Calvert County had a great time Saturday. The 50 mile course was superb and the rest stops were well supplied and staffed by some very nice people who went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The post-ride crab soup and other goodies really hit the spot after the windy ride. Finally, a big shout out to Jennifer and Mary Lyn who served up those cookies in such a gracious and charming manner. Thanks all!